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Reimagining Assessment for Modern Learning Individual

Reimagining Assessment (a Modern Learners course) offers 6 modules that provoke deeper thinking around assessment, a playbook planner, and a space for reflection and feedback from the course coaches and others in the field facing the same challenges as you. Imagine spending time digging deeper with your team, exclusively on assessment.

You'll be able to:

#1: Engage in critical conversations: We’re finished administering assessments just for policy makers. We’ll help you shift the narrative from assessments for accountability to assessments for learning.

#2: Inspire students to see assessment differently: We’ll help you show your students that assessment is something they do for themselves to master what they want to master, rather than it being something that is done to them.

#3: Draw from a wider range of assessment options: Your students will start to see your assessments as meaningful and relevant.

What People Are Saying:

“Great opportunity to reflect on not only the way in which we assess learning but why we do it and how this might evolve as we actively rethink the way learning looks in schools. Particularly useful to clarify thoughts about how children learn best and to be challenged to take a deeper look at how we match our beliefs with our practice.”

Sonya terBorg-- Nanjing International School

“It's a great way to move away from the common use of traditional assessments to measure and rank students and begin to understand how to implement assessment as learning.”

Mark Heintz-- Elk Grove High School